Looking for a Career Change?

Looking for a Career Change?

By Esmee Tijdeman

Do you feel like you are in a dead-end job? You’re not alone.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 70 percent of all Americans hate their jobs. Most people in that survey said they were disengaged because they felt like they chose the wrong career.

“Changing careers is not as hard as people think,” said Elizabeth Clemants, CEO of Planning Change. “It’s really about finding work that is meaningful and taking the first step.”

Planning Change has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Crains New York and Channel 11 in New York as one of the premiere training programs in the nation for mediation training.

Clemants has created a new program for people looking for a new career, better pay or upward mobility.

US News and World Report has called mediation one of the top professions for people in search of a new career.

Professionals looking for a new career can now enroll in the Mediation Certification Program that will help them transition into a new profession that is consistently ranked as one of the top professions.

“Our mediation training teaches valuable skill sets that can be used in all facets of life, especially at work and home where disputes are common. Our students have left jobs they didn’t like and went onto new careers in private practice, mediating or working for the courts or starting mediation firms.”

Clemants says the rapid growth from litigation to arbitration has created a shortage of trained mediation professionals in this high paying profession.
The certificate from this 100-hour long training is accepted by the New York State Unified Court System.

Planning Change's Elizabeth Clemants Can Help Anyone in Need of a Career Change

Elizabeth Clemants, CEO of Planning Change

This in-depth mediation training program, which begins on September 19-20th in NYC, will be taught by Elizabeth Clemants – the CEO of Small Business Arbitration Center of New York and founder of Planning Change.

Clemants has more than 18 years of experience mediating conflict between managers and employees to avoid a situation from escalating to the courtroom, as well as divorces, family matters, estates, small businesses and other types of cases. She has been a certified mediation trainer for the New York State Unified Court System since 2000.
A career change at age 30 is becoming more frequent, as millennials spend more time in the work-force.

In addition to acquiring professional mediator skills, participants who take the certified mediation training programs will be invited to take an 8-week elective workshop where they receive personalized guidance in how to launch their own private practice.

Those interested in a career change can learn more about these mediation courses by clicking here.