Learn to Become the Office Mediator – NYC Classes

Learn to Become the Office Mediator – NYC Classes

By Esmee Tijdeman

What happens when two star employees don’t get along? For a business owner, this conflict in the workforce can lead to lower productivity, bad morale and even additional HR costs.

Elizabeth Clemants knows this better than anyone.

As the CEO of Planning Change – Clemants spends a large portion of her time resolving conflict between employees and managers. She observed how most managers don’t deal with conflict as it arises between employees, and as a result, the situation escalates over time.

“Most CEOs are great at running their business, but when it comes to conflict with employees, they don’t like getting involved, especially when it involves two crucial players,” Clemants said.

A recent survey showed the number one skillset most CEOs want to develop is conflict resolution.

The demand for this type of training is so high that Clemants has now developed her own conflict resolution training course for CEOs, managers, HR executives and employees that want to further develop their interpersonal communication skills.

Planning Change

The Mediation Certification Program begins on September 19th in New York City with several different programs tailored to the person’s experience and goals.

Here are a few conflict resolution practices Clemants says the 100-hour mediation training program will cover:

Don’t avoid Small Conflicts: Managers can prevent conflict by addressing the smaller issues first. Don’t allow them to escalate.

Don’t Take a Position: All mediators must keep a neutral perspective when resolving conflict. Most managers begin with a position, which alienates one side.

Don’t be a Judge: Mediators are not judges who decide who is right or wrong. Most managers allow their own personal judgments on the people to influence this conflict resolution.

Learn to Reflect:  The best conflict-resolution managers help employees fully understand the importance of being heard. Managers can improve this skillset by reflecting on the situation.

You can learn more about these mediation courses and sign up at: http://www.planningchange.com/mediation-certification-program/