Best New Mobile App for New Yorkers

Best App for New Yorkers

By Pascalle Vaessen

One of the top tech PR firms in NYC – Macias PR – just launched a new mobile app that can get anyone into the conversation.

The communications app, Blush No More, provides users with thought-provoking questions that eliminate those awkward silent moments.

The free mobile app is essentially a cheat sheet that provides thought-provoking and fun questions for any situation or location.

The questions were inspired by journalists who are trained to get information out of people. Here are some of their favorite questions they use to drive the conversation forward.

At a networking event: “What’s your superpower over your competitors?”

At a dinner party: “If you could trade places with anyone at this table, where would you want to sit?”

At the water cooler: “If we slipped vodka into this water cooler, who do you think would start acting tipsy first?”

At a political fundraiser: “What do you think your scandal would be if you were a politician?”

The mobile app has a visual guide to help users read body language based on what they are seeing in that moment. It also provides gimmicks with visual aides (for example – a purse, wallet or watch) that take any conversation to a higher level.

The app was developed by the NYC public relations firm, Macias PR, which works with clients in different industries, including tech, financial, health care, service sector and nonprofits.

The founder of Macias PR – one of the world’s leading public relations agencies – is a former journalist with NBC, CBS, American Journal and The Arizona Republic.

Mark Macias realized most people run out of things to say at networking events, dinner parties, BBQs, dates, bars, etc. Macias noticed these awkward silent moments were especially prevalent at networking events where business professionals, trying to meet new people, quickly ran out of things to say.

He sent an informal survey to some of his former journalism colleagues, asking them what is your favorite question to ask when the conversation suddenly stops? He vetted and edited their responses and put them into this Blush No More app.

The free app is available for download in the iOS and Android app stores.

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