New Digital Currency – Named Aten Coin – Takes on Bitcoin

New Digital Currency – Named Aten Coin – Takes on Bitcoin

By Esmee Tijdeman

The worldwide digital currency Bitcoin quickly grew to fame in a matter of years but not without having some shortfalls when it comes to worldwide Anti-Money Laundering compliance issues.

These compliance issues are quickly taking its effect on bitcoin. For instance, major banks in Australia have recently shut down all bitcoin company bank accounts for Anti-Money Laundering compliance reasons.

The famous bitcoin now has an emerging digital currency competitor on the global stage.

It’s called the Aten Coin, short for Black Gold Coin, and it is the newest development in the digital currency market. For the first time, consumers and merchants can open accounts to purchase and sell the new digital currency.

The Aten Coin is quickly revolutionizing the way consumers pay for products and services around the world.

The Aten Coin is theft-resistant and the first digital currency that allows the tracing of real identities in the event an Aten Coin is stolen. This cyber currency is also 100 percent compliant.

Consumers can now purchase and soon sell the Aten Coin by opening an account with Merchants can also sign up so their customers can use the Aten Coins to shop. The payment system is easy to setup and integrate.

“We have created free accounts for all individuals and merchants,” said Marcus Andrade, founder NAC Foundation, LLC which is the creator of the Aten Coin. “The accounts are easy and quick to set up online, but their usability in no way compromises the fact that they are theft-resistant and 100% compliant with the most respected financial regulatory agencies in the world.”

The National Aten Coin Foundation (NAC) is a service member of the American Bank Association (ABA) and compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Anti-Fraud and Financial Crimes (AFF), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), USA PATRIOT Act and the FACT Act.

Andrade says the value of the Aten Black Gold Coin is non-volatile, because NAC Foundation’s partner, Black Gold Coin, Inc. is creating a constant demand of Aten Coins through joint venture with oil and gas production companies via oil and gas well investments. He says more than 50 percent of the investment profits will be paid in Aten Coin to create a continuous demand of Aten Coin and maintain a stable value of Aten Coin.

Aten Coin purchases are not yet available to U.S. residents; however, depending on the state of residency, purchases of Aten Coin may be bought directly from NAC Foundation, LLC. AtenPay will allow U.S. residents to purchase the Aten Black Gold Coins online in the very near future.

AtenPay is a joint project between Black Gold Coin, Inc., and the SWC Group.

The price of bitcoin today is over $300 dollars while the price of the Aten Coin is only $2 dollars. We will continue to see if compliant vs non-compliant will play a role in Aten Coin’s success.

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